Service + space needs assessment

System master planning

Building programming

Site selection

Plan review

Architect selection

Where does a larger system need to deploy a service point?  What kind of facility is needed there?  The answers to these broad, system-wide questions trace back to the services and resources the library should provide and how they should be deployed across the system.  LPA assesses service needs and outlines how they affect facility deployment.
Planning a library building starts with understanding the library services and resources that need to be supported by the space.  LPA helps the library define pragmatic future service goals that factor in societal and technological change.  In turn, service goals define space needs that shape strategies for facilities improvements.
The building program is an essential planning document.  Think of it as the library's instructions to the architect, explaining what needs to occupy and occur in the space and how the space needs to be arranged for optimum utility.  LPA has delivered building program statements describing more than 5 million square feet of library space, in total.
Selecting an architect rounds out the library's facilities planning team.  LPA supports this effort with a qualifications-based selection strategy.  To maximize opportunities for collaborative input, the architect should be selected before the building program statement is completed.

Services to architects

Though commonly engaged by the library, LPA also enhances the planning perspective of an architect's team, bringing a library service based orientation to needs assessment, program preparation, concept planning, schematic design, and plan review.
LPA helps the library evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of possible sites.  Often, this is done in collaboration with the project architect.
As planning shifts from programming to concept and schematic design, LPA reviews drawings and plans as they're developed, to help the library insure the plans deliver on the essential goals outlined in the program.