An Emphasis on Library Service
Smart facilities planning starts by defining the services a library needs to support.  As planners and librarians, our training and expertise emphasizes the assessment of services offered, how those services should evolve and how they condition spatial and environmental requirements in the building.
A Tailor-Made Approach
Every community has different needs and priorities.  LPA tailors its methods to the specific requirements of each setting.  Developing a workplan in concert with the client library assures an effective, economical method and outcome.
LPA's founding principal, Anders Dahlgren, has been engaged in professional associations at the state, national and international levels, focusing on issues relating to long-range and facilities planning.  He conceived and wrote Public Library Space Needs:  A Planning Outline, one of the core contributions to the literature on library space planning.


Barrington Area Library District


Library Planning Associates, Inc.

                                                            was established in 1984 to deliver futures-oriented planning support to local libraries. To deploy operating or capita resources wisely, a library needs a road map; a library needs to know its service goals and the best strategies to deliver those goals to its community.
LPA provides that guidance through the pragmatic assessment of library service needs and the projection of actionable service goals.